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Song Explosion!

Songwriting and music workshop with Katherine Archer.

Katherine is an expert at igniting and capturing the unique creative genius in all of us. Pick a topic and she will lead the way through a creative explosion of brainstorming, exciting writing techniques, collaboration and interactive singing that result in a professional sounding song co-written by her and the whole class!

Musical Michelangelo

Songwriting about art with Katherine Archer

This highly interactive and educational workshop literally brings a work of art to life by co-writing a song about it! Katherine developed this workshop at the request of the Cummer Museum as part of their educational community outreach and teacher staff development.The visual aspect of this workshop sparks creativity and interaction immediately as we learn about the art piece and songwriting simultaneously!

Observing the art piece, we brainstorm about it, discuss what we see, how it inspires us, choose a style of music and participate in writing our own song on the spot with Katherine. This is a highly rewarding workshop that creates a lifetime memory!

Both of theses workshops can be tailored to work for ALL AGES. 

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