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Over the span of four weeks, 40 musicians competed in the awe-inspiring, fifth semi-annual Singer-Songwriter competition hosted by Amy Hendrickson.  After weeks of live performances, the group of musicians was whittled down to ten, then to three, and finally down to a single performer.  Coming out on top was local singer-songwriter, Katherine Archer, a familiar face around the blue-collar musician circuit that can be found pulsing throughout the streets of St. Augustine.  

Katherine is a consummate musician-songwriter and educator. She started playing guitar at age 12 and performing on stage at age 15. After touring parts of Europe, the UK and the States she settled in historic St. Augustine, drawn by the beauty and nature of the Sunshine State, where she also takes on the Seeger-message of being an environmental activist bringing awareness to Florida’s current water conservation movement. “Music can empower change. What the ears hear, the brain thinks, then the heart moves minds and attitudes.”

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